Dr. Mary Lou R.

I initially contacted Ellen to communicate with my beloved yellow lab, Tucker. I was searching for an animal communicator who understood all forms of life and their deep interconnection. To my delight and surprise, Ellen provided depth and communication among the three of us that exceeded all expectations. She has a gift and ability to not only delve into and translate for the animal kingdom but for humans as well.

Through Tucker, Ellen brought out my deepest concerns about Tucker and my other animal friends that I had not directly addressed. She created a loving, supportive environment which allowed me to process what had transpired.

I highly recommend Ellen to all who cherish a greater connection with their furry friends and want to understand some of their true messages and the love they have to share.

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More Testimonials

After my golden retriever, Frankie, passed away, Ellen approached me and explained that Frankie said he wanted to come back as a squirrel. Ellen wanted to know if this made sense to me. Boy did it ever!…

Angela B., Fitness Instructor | (for more from Angela, click here)

After months of vet appointments, I contacted Ellen to see if she could tell me why my 5-year-old cat, Max, had stopped eating & was close to critical condition. I only wish I had called Ellen sooner…

Heidi H. Attorney | (for more from Heidi, click here)

After spending a few minutes with my cats, Ellen told me that Sammy, my tortoiseshell kitty, had announced that she’d been intentionally “stomped on” and that Ellen had then worked with her to release her from the impact of that trauma. My kitties are rescue cats but I know a little about their histories. Sammy had, in fact, been stomped on by two malicious teenaged boys.…

Alan S., Book Author | (to read more from Alan, click here)

I was quite surprised when Ellen phoned and asked if I have a white cat. In fact, I do. Ellen then explained that my white Persian, Tinky, had visited her telepathically with a communication for me.

Robin S., Biologist | (for more from Robin, click here)