How do you differ from other animal communicators?

Unlike many of my colleagues, I don’t just talk to your animal.

I employ an array of emotional and spiritual techniques with your animal to dissolve any emotional or spiritual blocks or beliefs that are contributing to or causing the situation you would like handled. Where needed, I test your pet's energy field against various formulas by Newton Homeopathics and Green Hope Farms flower essences that address specific issues your pet may be having. I also can also do remote reiki sessions, a form of energy work. (For examples, click here)

How do your readings work?

Consciousness is energy. Every strand of consciousness, human or animal, broadcasts an energetic frequency that is literally unique to it. Think of it like the programming signals received via television, radio, or the telephone. I can’t see those energy waves being transmitted – much less understand how it works-- but that doesn’t stop me from receiving the sounds and/or images invisibly broadcast to and through those mediums. Because you have a relationship with your animal --even those who have passed -- your animal is part of your energy field. When you talk about your pet, he or she is literally there. And boy, does that pet have a lot to say!!

What happens in a 20-minute conversation with my pet?

Even the shortest telephone session takes a minimum of an hour-and-a-quarter of my time spent as follows: Connecting with your pet prior to our telephone conversation takes about 20 minutes. I then translate what your animal has said or is saying in response to your questions, and facilitate additional conversation between you and your pet -- this 20 minutes is spent on the phone with you. Afterwards, I report the results of any essences your pet might need in a detailed, follow-up email -- this part of the session takes me up to 45 minutes. (To ensure no conflict of interest, I do not sell or receive any compensation from the sale of any homeopathic or essence that tested for your pet.)

Do you need to meet my animal?

I am working with energy: theirs and yours, so a physical rendezvous is usually not necessary. I find distance communication to be faster, less expensive for you, and, in my opinion, just as effective as a nose-to-nose meeting.

If you want to send a picture of your pet, that’s fine, but usually, they show up telepathically, well before the picture even arrives!

Do you actually “see” my animal during distance readings?

Sometimes I see physical attributes including color or, if it is a dog, size, perhaps, or general description. (I don’t pretend to be an expert on breeds!) See, for example, Angela's testimonial and Robin's testimonial. In another case, I described a client’s cat accurately, but it was the one who had recently passed, not the one she was contacting me about. Her deceased pet was still very much around her, which is one reason that particular cat showed first.

Most importantly, I tune into your pet’s essence – both on a personality and larger soul level. I then chat directly with your pet about what’s happening and/or your concerns. Like humans, pets have their own energy signature or essence. When we “speak” (I am clair-audio in my perceptions) it is very similar to the conversations you and I have with others. I hear them and they hear me.

Does my animal have its own thoughts and feelings?

They have thoughts, feelings, and may I say, quite a bit of attitude!! Your animal holds viewpoints on any number of situations, just like you do. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of communication to clear things up. Other times, it takes a bit of negotiation between you and your pet before an understanding or change of behavior occurs. Don’t forget: they have their own opinions about things, too!

What does science say?

Take a look at TIME magazine’s cover story – “Inside the Minds of Animals” , which states what you probably suspected all along…. Animals do think – and are a lot smarter than we’ve given them credit for!!

Can you make my animal behave?

I use reason - not manipulation, guilt, or force - to obtain your animal’s cooperation in effecting the change you are seeking. To that end, I promise to acknowledge, respect, and convey its viewpoint to you and vice versa so that you can understand each other’s position better.

It’s a little like family counseling - sometimes, a change of behavior on both parts is needed! I find that the more your pet understands about your viewpoint, the more cooperative it is usually willing to be. Ultimately, however, it is up to the animal as to whether or not it wants to change. Sound familiar?!

Will you guarantee the result I want?

Like you, your pet has free will and a body that is finite. While my experience has been that pets can be very responsive to this work, a particular outcome or behavior change is not guaranteed.

Can you help me communicate with my deceased pet?

Physical death involves the loss of a body, only. The being (what is commonly called “the soul”) -- that which animated the body, still exists. Assuming your pet is still in the spiritual realm, it is usually still energetically attached to you and can be contacted. I can also work with your pet to end cycle on any lingering emotional or spiritual trauma it may be hanging onto regarding how it died.

Do you find lost pets?

I do not provide this service.

How will I know your readings are “real”?

It is likely that during our conversation, your animal will tell me something that makes sense to you. During or after the consultation, your animal may also shift in its behavior. When I was working with one client on her cat’s lack of appetite, for example, the cat began to eat right after the treatment. For more examples click here.

Should I see you instead of a vet?

Use common sense to determine if your animal needs physical or medical assistance. If you suspect that your pet has an illness or serious medical condition, see your vet as soon as possible.

If there is a medical issue, some clients take a two-prong approach. A vet handles the physical condition and I treat the underlying emotional and/or spiritual causes or trauma residue. I may also do distance reiki healings and teach the animal how to send healing energy through its own body in order to facilitate a quicker recovery, which may result in fewer follow-up vet visits.