Initial Conversation with You 10 minutes – Free

This free introductory 10-minute phone conversation is where you and I see if it would make sense for us to work together. To maximize its value to you, please read FAQs first!

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Conversation with Your Pet (per animal) $95.00/ 20 minutes

Often, what your pet wants to tell you is as important as what you want to tell to your pet!! This kind of mini-session is ideal for communicating your concerns to your pet and vice versa.

  • 20-minute mini-sessions take an hour and a quarter of my time in preparation and follow-up. It does not include emotional clearing work with your pet.
  • If you are seeking behavioral or physical changes from your furry friend, you will both benefit more from selecting a longer session.
  • These sessions are conducted by telephone. You and your pet don't have to be in the same location.
  • Conversations with your Pet are also available in 30, 40 and 60 minute options.
  • Dialogues that extend beyond our session time will be charged in additional 5 minute increments of $25 each.

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When More is Needed -- Emotional Clearing $325.00 per 1 hour

Sometimes intensive work is needed with your pet to dissolve patterns related to destructive behavior or other emotional roadblocks. This kind of clearing is done off-phone and also includes follow-up communication with you at no extra charge.

  • Every hour of clearing work I do with your pet, also includes phone (US only) or e-mail communication with you at no extra charge.
  • Every animal is unique so I cannot predict how much time yours will require! How your animal responds to the processes we run together determines the amount of time we spend.
  • Like with humans, treatment for multiple problems and/or physical conditions require additional time.
  • Clearing sessions are done 1-in-1, long-distance with your animal. Phone contact or physical presence are not needed.

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Remember: Communicating with your pet is not a substitute for competent vet care. If your animal is ill or injured, seek immediate attention from a qualified vet.

Special Situation Check-ins with Your Pet $160 per 7-days

A great solution for owners who travel or who are moving with their pet. Check-ins may include Reiki energy session and light emotional processing if needed. 30 minute minimum per 7-day period required.

1 pet only; for additional pets, multiply the fee (and amount of time) by the number of pets involved.

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If Your Pet is Critically Ill or Dying… $295 for 45 min.

In addition to facilitating communication between a pet and its owner during stressful events of this nature, I work long-distance with a hospitalized or transitioning pet to help things go as smoothly as possible. Follow-up sessions may be required.

Los Angeles area clients seeking in-person work with their transitioning friends should contact me directly for pricing.

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Talk with Your Deceased Pet (per animal) $135 for 25 min.

It is as easy for me to talk to an animal who has passed over as it is to communicate with one which still resides on the physical plane!

Click here if you would like to make an appointment to talk to your deceased pet.