Ellen Lance Pet Psychic/Animal Whisperer

Life is strange. That statement probably sounds even stranger coming from a pet psychic. So, let me explain:

Being a pet psychic was never in my paradigm. I’m a lawyer by training.

Having graduated from UCLA School of Law, I presided over the young lawyer divisions of my state and local bar associations during my first years in practice.

Given my background, you can easily understand that I used to think it was impossible to communicate with animals.

Nevertheless, decades of study in areas ranging from energy healing to meditation and metaphysics had already given me the aptitude to connect with, and assist, persons who had passed from the physical to the spiritual plane.

I eventually realized these same gifts – to give and receive communication on a non-physical level – apply to animals, as well. Subsequent experiences with my own pets and those of friends further cured my skepticism.

In working with animals, I additionally discovered a capacity to identify and dissolve many of the emotional and / or spiritual causes of their behavioral patterns and physical conditions. Because I am highly skilled in long distance animal communication, I help clients from coast- to- coast. These same talents also enable me to help you communicate with a pet which has passed on.

Repeated owner-confirmed experiences and successes have proven to them – and to me – that communication on this level does exist. Ready to find out for yourself? Click here to make an appointment!