Ellen Lance - Pet Psychic
Animal Whisperer

Ever wonder what your animal is thinking? Or why he or she is acting a certain way? I can tell you.

I have the ability to communicate with your animals – those who are present, as well as those who have passed on.

I can also work with you and your animals to identify and dissolve any emotional and / or spiritual causes of the behavioral and physical issues you are concerned about.

Physical healings may also occur but they are incidental to the spiritual work I do.

When the correct underlying spiritual / emotional block is released, I believe that any medical treatment used in conjunction to help your pet is also enhanced.

I am highly skilled in long distance animal communication, which saves you the expense of meeting nose-to-nose! These same abilities also enable me to help you communicate with a pet which has passed on.

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After months of vet appointments, I contacted Ellen to see if she could tell me why my 5-year-old cat, Max, had stopped eating & was close to critical condition. I only wish I had called Ellen sooner…

Heidi H. Attorney
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After my golden retriever, Frankie, passed away, Ellen told me that Frankie had visited her and indicated that he wanted to come back as a squirrel. Ellen asked if this made sense to me. Boy, did it ever…

Angela B., Fitness Instructor
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Ellen told me that Sammy, my tortoise-shell kitty, had announced that she had been intentionally stomped on and that Ellen had then worked with her to release the impact of that trauma. My kitties are rescue cats but I know a little about their histories. Sammy had, in fact, been stomped on by 2 teenaged boys…

Alan S., Book Author
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