Ellen Lance - Pet Psychic
Animal Communicator


Ever wonder what your animal is thinking?

I have the ability to communicate with your animals – those who are present, as well as those who have passed on.

I can also work with you and your animals to identify and dissolve any emotional and / or spiritual causes of the behavioral and physical issues you are concerned about.

Physical healings may also occur but they are incidental to the spiritual work I do.

When the correct underlying spiritual / emotional block is released, I believe that any medical treatment used in conjunction to help your pet is also enhanced.

I am highly skilled in long distance animal communication, which saves you the expense of meeting nose-to-nose! These same abilities also enable me to help you communicate with a pet which has passed on.


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After months of vet appointments, I contacted Ellen to see if she could tell me why my 5-year-old cat, Max, had stopped eating & was close to critical condition. I only wish I had called Ellen sooner… (Continue Reading)

Heidi H. Attorney

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